Trial flight to Damyns Hall
Flying Instruction

Trial flights are available in either the flexwing or fixed-wing microlight; if you haven't already decided which you prefer you can usually choose on the day.
Flexwing microlights could be described as the motorcycles of the flying world, and flying in one of these robust little machines certainly is exciting.
The school fixed-wing microlight looks like, and has the same construction as, any all-aluminium aircraft. It has a good turn of speed, can handle slightly worse weather conditions and is reasonably comfortable (it's got a very good heater!).

After briefing you on the aircraft and the flight, we will strap in and take to the air. I can demonstrate the controls to you and you can have a go, or you can just sit back and enjoy the view. There are some very interesting and picturesque sights in north Kent, especially around the Medway and Thames estuaries. Itís your choice where we go.
A trial flight could be your first step to becoming a pilot or a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

                                              PRICE LIST
                                   30 minute Trial Flight - £80
                                   60 minute Trial Flight - £135
                        Gift Vouchers available or pay on the day.

You must be over 14, weigh less than 100kg and sensible footwear is a good idea. All necessary equipment (suits, helmets and headsets) is provided. And do be patient with the British weather.