Eurostar SL G-OBAD
Take-off on trial flight

In order to fly any powered aircraft you require a ‘Private Pilot’s Licence’; to qualify for one you must complete a course of instruction and pass several multiple-choice ground exams and a flying test or ‘General Skills Test’.

I am a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified Instructor and Examiner. I have been instructing since 1995. If you have ever fancied having a go at flying in a microlight, book a trial flight, see if you like it, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

                                          PRICE LIST
            Dual instruction in school flexwing aircraft - £120 per hour
            Dual instruction in school fixed-wing aircraft - £130 per hour
            Dual instruction in your own aircraft - £90 per hour
            Solo supervision in your own aircraft - £42 per hour
            Ground school if required - £25 per hour

The school flexwing is a P&M Quik GTR. G-CHWO
The school fixed-wing is a Eurostar SL. G-OBAD

If you are feeling adventurous, ‘Tour and Train’ courses are available either in the UK or in France. I can also offer advanced instruction for licensed pilots. In fact whatever microlight training you require, we can probably devise a programme to suit your needs.